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Your water main pipe is the underground pipe that delivers water to your home or commercial business from your town or city. If this pipe is damaged or compromised in any way, it will cause your problems with the water being delivered to your residence or business.

Experiencing a water main break on your residential or commercial property can be a very serious issue to deal with to get your home or facility safe and fully functioning again.

Some tell-tale signs that your property is experiencing a water main break are:

  • Excess water pooling or standing in your yard or pavement, especially noticeable when weather has been dry
  • Water leaking from above-ground water sources on or fire-hydrants, or water caps
  • Sinkholes

Water main breaks typically occur for several reasons:

  • Cracks or deterioration of water main pipe
  • Tree roots growing in water main pipe causing leaking and/or poor water pressure
  • Extreme weather conditions

If a water main break has occurred on your property, or you need to install a new water main, you will surely need excavation services. No need to find another excavation company – EGVS&P is qualified to handle your excavation needs whether it is for your basement, foundation, or extended property.

Typically, excavation is needed for installation or repair of:

  • water main lines
  • sewer lines
  • driveways
  • parking lots
  • basements
  • septic tanks

Our expert excavators will efficiently plan the removal of any soil, earth, rocks, or foundation that is covering the underground area that is needed for any type of underground plumbing repair. Our professional crew plans for any utilities and will use the necessary equipment to efficiently dig around them. Our equipment can be large or small, depending on the size of the job. Backhoes, bulldozers, front end loaders are just some of the types of professional excavation equipment we have available to complete your job efficiently. After the excavation is done and your job completed, we return the displaced soil using the same equipment.

Don’t let your underground plumbing issues cause you any more stress! Let the excavation and water main break specialists at Elk Grove Sewer and Plumbing assist with your large or small excavation needs. We have the professional experience and necessary skills and equipment to diagnose, plan, and resolve your underground plumbing needs.

All of our professionals are fully licensed for excavation and water main break or repair services. Contact Elk Grove Sewer and Plumbing today for a professional evaluation, and let us take care of your water main and excavation needs.

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